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Neil Acharya

Neil Acharya
Retail Operations Manager

Hey there, I’m Neil Acharya, and I’m excited to share my journey spanning over 9 enriching years in optical sales and management. My dedication to delivering exceptional customer service has been the bedrock of my career, ensuring each person I assist walks away with not only better vision but also a smile and a positive experience. Beyond sales, my path has led me through the intricacies of management and leadership, allowing me to nurture teams toward excellence through collaboration and empowerment.

What fuels my fire is the heartwarming thought that I’m playing a role in helping children see the world with crystal-clear eyes. That purpose was shown to me by an 18-month old child who I helped show the world clearly by getting his first pair of glasses, the smile on his face after he saw his mother for the first time in perfect clarity is the reason I am in this field today. That’s what truly ignited my passion for the optical field, and it continues to drive me every day.

Off-duty, I find solace in the embrace of nature as I hike through breathtaking landscapes. My love for diverse cuisines has me constantly on the hunt for new culinary adventures. Most importantly, my downtime is best spent alongside my wonderful wife Arti, and our two furry companions, Angel and Zeus. Life’s all about balancing the beauty of sight with the joys of experiencing the world around us. Join me in this incredible journey as we create a clearer, more vibrant world, one step at a time.