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Children’s Vision month

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Children s vision month

August is Children’s Vision month, but in Rye New York children’s vision is important to us every month!  Times are changing and how children’s vision is treated is changing as well.  With a sharp increase in nearsightedness (myopia) in recent years new and old treatments have come in to question.  One question that is difficult for eye doctors to answer is: Is the standard of care for treating children’s vision actually doing harm to them?  What we are asking is, do glasses and traditional contact lenses help stop or slowdown the nearsighted problem or does it actually make it worse?  Rye New York is only minutes away from Scarsdale New York, located in Westchster County New York.  It is here in Scarsdale that Dr. Abraham Zlatin, O.D. FIAO has established the Myopia Control Clinic within the space of Eye Q Optometrist.  Here doctor Zlatin offers advice and treatment options for nearsighted Children in Rye New York.  The success of slowing down the progression of myopia is extremely high.  Most of the children who come for treatment also no longer require the use of any glasses or traditional contact lenses.  Children who can not see even the largest letter on the eye-chart ” the big E” can usually see around 20/20 within several days – without glasses on.

Pediatric eyecare

Dr. Zlatin has been actively treating nearsighted children as young as five years of age for over fifteen year.  Children’s vision month is to put a spotlight on the importance of eye health for kids.  Children today are more likely to develop myopia than even one generation ago.  The problem with nearsighted eyes is that they become more and more likely to develop other eye problems, such as glaucoma, retinal holes, tear and detachments.  Premature cataracts and macular disease are also more common in myopic individuals. Even though most of these eye disease occur in adults, prevention begins in childhood.  Dr. Abraham Zlatin of Eye Q Optometrist in Scarsdale New York is locted very close to Rye New York and is available for consultations on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please call our office for an appointment at 914-472-5932 or schedule online.

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