Enhancing the quality of our patients vision and life. Myopia management should begin early.

Myopia ManagementAt EYE Q OPTOMETRIST we believe protecting and enhancing the quality of our patients vision and life. Nearsighted children have a condition that we believe needs to be properly treated in order to prevent sight-threatening conditions as they continue to grow into adulthood. With over 15 years of specializing in Advanced Orthokeratology (AOK) and Myopia Control, Dr. Abraham Zlatin has successfully performed hundreds of procedures on children to slow down their nearsighted progression. Dr. Zlatin has been able to treat most patients in a way that safely eliminates their need for glasses or contact lenses. The quality of life for these patients dramatically increases immediately. Children who are no longer dependent on contact lenses or glasses are more confident and display improved self-esteem. They also perform better at sports and are safe to participate in water sports. Our goal is to stabilize our children's nearsightedness while improving their vision at the same time. We have achieved this goal by spending years of study and practice in developing the most advanced designs for myopia control devices (AOK molds). For those few patients who are not candidates for AOK, we offer both custom designed or standardized contact lenses for myopia management. This form of treatment has shown to help children to a certain degree, however it usually requires the child to be older and also use glasses some of the time, therefore not being as effective as AOK. Medical treatment is also an option for some children. We can prescribe Atropine or low dose Atropine eye drops to slow down the progression of myopia. This works well, however may have a rebound effect, which means once the child stops the eye drops, the eyes may progress at a faster pace. Children on Atropine loose the ability to focus well at near objects such as books. Their pupils also stay more dilated than normal. This requires the use of special glasses that provide clear vision far and near whose lenses darken to provide protection from UV and HEV blue light. There are several options for myopia management, some better than others depending on the case. In keeping with our belief to providing the best quality of life now as children and later as adults, we strive to exceed most expectations.

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