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WAVE NightLens®


Approved for Overnight Wear*

Since 1999, our 100% topography-based Ortho-K lenses have become the Gold Standard for personalized Orthokeratology. Used by many of the most progressive and advanced Orthokeratology experts around the World, WAVE is the leader and pioneer in custom Ortho-K lens designs. Dr. Abraham Zlatin is New York’s leading WAVE designer, with nearly 20 years of experience specifically with custom made Ortho-K molds.

Fully Customized Ortho-K Lenses!

Using the corneal topography data and WAVE lens design tools we can create a personalized Ortho-K lens based on individual needs of each patient. The size and location of the optic zone and treatment zone can be modified to achieve optimal results. The results and success of the treatment are dependent on your doctors expertise in acquiring excellent corneal shape measurements and their ability to use that information to design the perfect Ortho-K WAVE NightLens®! That’s why most patients in New York choose Dr. Zlatin, a fellowship trained Orthokeratologist. He is also on the board of directors for the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control.

Myopia Management

Myopia management demands precision. With the WAVE Contact Lens System you can design a well-fitting lens with a smaller optic zone to correct for myopia and restore clear vision while bending peripherallight to reduce hyperopic defocus, which is associated with eye elongation.
WAVE NightLens Myopia Control

WAVE NightLens Myopia Control

Using WAVE, Dr. Zlatin can independently adjust the exact placement of the optic zone and treatment zone over pupil center to fine-tune the treatment.