Myopia epidemic

Preparing for a myopia epidemic in the "near" future - Growing prevalence

Evidence is mounting that myopia is growing around the world, with a recent study estimating that on average, 30% of the world is currently myopic and by 2050, based on current trends, almost 50% will be myopic, that’s a staggering 5 billion people.

  • Almost 5 billion myopes by 2050
  • Almost 1 billion high myopes by 2050
  • Myopia to become a leading cause of permanent blindness worldwide
  • Significant implications for planning comprehensive eye care services globally

PROFESSOR BRIEN HOLDEN (6 January 1942 - 27 July 2015) Professor Brien Holden was a leading champion for research and the development of new and better vision care technology and products.

Myopia prevalence
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