How to choose a doctor for Myopia Control or Orthokeratology

Myopia control and orthokeratology are specialty services provided by optometrists.  The tricky part for parents today is how to choose the right doctor for their children. In this post, I will give you a list of questions that may help you make that decision. First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Abraham Zlatin. I am a fellowship trained Orthokeratologist and specialize in myopia control in Westchester New York and Manhattan New York. I have been in practice since 1993 and started my myopia control specialty in 2002.

What parents want to know first:

Any practicing optometrist can offer myopia control and orthokeratology. All that is needed is a short online certification with no experience or specialized training. This is why choosing the best doctor for treating your children is not an easy task.

Questions to help you decide on choosing the best doctor

  1. How many orthokeratology patients do they routinely see per day and month?
  2. How many overall myopia control children have they seen in the past month?
  3. How many continuing education credit hours do they attend per year specifically for myopia control and orthokeratology?
  4. Is the doctor fellowship trained? (demonstrates the highest level of knowledge)
  5. Does the doctor design custom orthokeratology molds for most of their patients or do they use commercially available molds with the help of other consultants?
  6. What is the youngest age the doctor is comfortable treating?
  7. How many patients treated will stop within one year?
  8. Does the doctor measure the length of the eye to monitor axial elongation?
  9. How many molds need to be placed on the child's eyes and how much time is required for the initial fitting?
  10. When did the doctor start treating patients with orthokeratology and have they treated hundreds of successful patients or do they only have a few cases?

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