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Masunaga Optical

Masunaga OpticalSince its inception over 110 years ago, Masunaga Eyewear operates with the uncompromising mission to manufacture excellent eyeglasses. To produce eyewear of the highest detail and quality, Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has created a factory that integrates production from start to finish in one place.

Each of the countless steps involved in the manufacturing process is performed with meticulous craftsmanship, carefully, with no shortcuts taken. Each frame features beautiful, hand polished Japanese acetate, and innovative, high quality parts and materials. The results are that every Masunaga frame has impeccable strength and quality and utmost beauty.

Having won numerous awards in the optical industry for products and design, Masunaga stands by a long-standing tradition and belief in the artistry of true craftsmanship, style and authenticity.

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