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Jacques Marie Mage | French-Inspired Designer Eyeglasses


ARP MIDNIGHT BY JAQUES MARIE MAGEClick here to buy this frame online.

Jaques Marie MageJacques Marie Mage (JMM) is a Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specialize in the micro-production of artisanal eyewear. Loved by celebrities and the fashion elite, JMM is a collection that draws attention from men and women, whether on the face or on the runway! JMM fans include Jeff Goldblum, LeBron James and Haley Bieber, to name a few.

JMM combines world-class craftsmanship with advanced production methods, embracing an array of rich materials, bold geometric shapes, and an exuberance of attitude to create impeccably crafted spectacles that elegantly infuse historical motifs with a modern sensibility.

Over the last two decades, French designer Jerome Mage has carved a vital and vibrant space at the intersection of design, sport, and fashion. Jacques Marie Mage is the culmination of Mage’s expertise and interests, a designer eyewear brand producing limited edition designer glasses. Nothing demonstrates luxury quite like scarcity and exclusivity. JMM produces as few as 50 pairs of some models , which will run you anywhere from $495 to $1075.

When Mage was asked what drives him he said “We tried to do the best: the best materials, the best packaging, the best stories.” Each frame comes with an elegant box, including a card that shows the number of the item they are purchasing, a signature case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Like artwork, JMM is numbered due to its’ limited production and the JMM fans are scouting frames from all over the world to find the exact one they want.

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JAQUES MARIE MAGE – ARSHILE ARGYLE WITH DARK GOLD — Click here to buy this frame online.