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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye disease has increased over recent years to affect younger adults and even children. Dry eyes is an ocular surface disease that can progress over time. There are many reasons for dry eyes.

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Some of the reasons for Dry Eyes include:

  • Medications
  • Age
  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Personal health
  • Nutrition
  • Time spent staring at screens
  • The environment
  • Eyelid disease
  • Prior eye infections
  • Contact lens use
  • Contact lens solutions

There are also many different treatments for Dry eyes. The treatment should be tailored to each patient individually. During a Dry Eye examination, several tests are administered to determine the first course of action.

Many treatments take several months to begin working, so the patients must be aware of the time it may take to feel better.

Did you know Dry Eyes affect the way you see?

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Syndrome can range from a mild irritant to chronic problem. The symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome may include:

  • Dry, irritated, or red eyes
  • Excessive tearing/watery eyes
  • Inflammation
  • Sore or sensitive eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Burning
  • A gritty or pasty feeling in the eyelids
  • Crusty or gunky eyes
  • Blurriness

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What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome is a complex condition that can have multiple causes but tends to share common symptoms. Dr. Zlatin, Dr. Stein, & Dr. Pan will use the latest technology to assess the cause of your dry eye symptoms in order to provide the best possible care.

  • Poor Tear Quality
  • Meibomian Gland Disorder
  • Blepharitis
  • Poor Tear Volume
  • Age, Gender
  • Environmental Factors & Irritants
  • Contact Lenses
  • Medical Conditions
  • Lifestyle
  • Medications

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About Us

We provide comprehensive family eye care. Our services, including the treatment and management of eye disease and visual disorders, adult eye care, infant and pediatric examinations. Our specialties include dry eye treatments, contact lens fittings, Advanced Orthokeratology (Ortho K), and Myopia Control.

Established in 1997, Eye Q Optometrist is a pioneer and leader in the field of nearsighted progression control

Dr. Abraham Zlatin is fellowship-trained in Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. He is also on the board of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control

For parents interested in Ortho K or Myopia Control, please Book your child’s eye exam with Dr. Abraham Zlatin to streamline your office visit.

How Can I Improve My Lifestyle To Prevent and Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

There are many ways to treat dry eyes. We recommend that you prevent dry eye symptoms before they begin and address lifestyle factors that may be aggravating an existing condition.

Blink a lot, drink plenty of fluids and avoid eye irritants. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a focus on vitamins like Omega 3. Make sure to use lubricating eye drops if you are taking medication that puts you at risk for dry eyes. Over the counter eye drops for dry eye are widely available.

20/20/20 Rule

During prolonged computer or digital device use, make sure to take a short break every 20 minutes to look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Keep Hydrated

Drink enough water. Women need at least 91 oz. of water a day and men need even more. Insufficient water intake can directly contribute to a reduced supply of tears, particularly in hot and dry climates.

Healthy diet and Omega 3

A healthy diet is essential for maintaining optimal health. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help maintain good vision and eye health, as well as decrease dry eyes symptoms.

Fish and flax are good natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, and are available in tablet/supplement form. There are supplements specifically made for dry eyes. These usually consist of Omega 3 with DHA from flaxseed oil, and include vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B6, magnesium, and a variety of other vitamins specifically formulated for patients with this eye condition.

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If you’re seeking relief for your dry eyes, Dr. Zlatin, Dr. Stein, & Dr. Pan can help. Eye Q Optometrist serves patients from New York City, Scarsdale, Rye , Mamaroneck, and throughout New York.

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