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AOK for Athletes

To excel in sports, good vision is critical. The better athletes have better eye sight. Sports Vision is unique. Those that are nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic need to find a way to correct their vision so they can compete at a higher level. Advanced Orthokeratology (AOK) is a great option for improving vision during sports. The other methods of correction such as glasses, contacts or LASIK have drawbacks for the demands placed on those in the game.

Advanced Orthokeratology (AOK) at Eye Q Optometrist may be better than LASIK

LASIK is a good option for some adults, but not for those under 18 years of age. The problems with LASIK for athletes include:

  • The risk of any type of surgery is a possible poor and irreversible outcome. There is no guarantee that the permanent change to the eye will give great vision.
  • The possibility of reduced vision, permanent halos around lights, glare, poor contrast sensitivity and dry eyes are some results of LASIK surgery.

Adults over the age of 18 may choose LASIK as an alternative to contacts or glasses for their active lifestyle, but those younger can not.

AOK may be better than contact lenses

Athletes have very demanding visual needs. The competitive game requires a lot of concentration and rapid eye movements.

This results in a reduced blink rate which then creates blurry vision and an unstable contact lens. The loss of clarity during a game is common with contact lenses. Those patients with astigmatism will suffer the most. When perspiration drips in to the eye and the athlete tries to clear it, the lens can be moved or lost altogether. Never use contact lenses for water sports! The risk of serious eye infections leading to permanent vision loss is real. Contact lenses can easily be lost in water, resulting in very poor vision in a potentially dangerous environment.

AOK may be the best choice for many athletes and those with active lifestyles.

  • It is safe and available for athletes of any age.
  • It works great for all sports including water sports such as water skiing, sailing, swimming, surfing to name a few.
  • No more lost lenses during the game.
  • No problems with vision during rapid eye movements.
  • Great vision when running, jumping, skating, swimming…

The other benefits of AOK include reversibility, safety and Myopia Management. For eye protection during sports, we recommend Rec Specs.